Asbestos used to be used in various things, such as ceilings, walls, home appliances.

Widely used asbestos

As mentioned above, asbestos has been used for ceilings, walls, insulation materials, floor coverings, wallpapers, and so on. Although it is said that there is little use in detached houses, it has been widely used in condominiums, buildings and the like. It is regarded as the peak of dismantling of buildings using asbestos from 2020 to 2040.

What is the problem with asbestos?

Starting with the law banned the use of sprayed asbestos in 1975, manufacturing is prohibited now, called "asbestos problem".

The biggest problem with using asbestos is health damage.
It is said that it causes pulmonary fibrosis and malignant mesothelioma, and it is said that there is a possibility of causing lung cancer. Actually, employees of the factory which manufactures asbestos died, health injuries of neighboring residents were confirmed.
Although the use and manufacture of asbestos has already been banned by law, asbestos remains in buildings and the like even now. In other words, when dismantling a building, asbestos is scattered and it is said that there is a possibility that it may affect neighboring residents.
As with disasters, there is a possibility that asbestos may be scattered due to collapse of the building etc.

Asbestos is considered dangerous when it is floating in the air, and it is said that it is difficult to float in the room etc. when it is used in an invisible place.


To protect from asbestos

As mentioned above, since the 1970s, the country has prohibited the use and manufacture of asbestos by law.
Furthermore, in the case that asbestos is used in schools, the country is subject to the subsidy system of the public school facility maintenance expenses national treasury subsidy system, and at the time of demolition of the building where sprayed asbestos etc. are used, permission of the prefectural governor is granted I need it.
In addition, in case of health damage caused by asbestos, a relief system is to be applied, and in Osaka City etc, we are doing X-ray examination free of charge for people who are concerned about smoking asbestos. You may find out if asbestos is being aspirated by X - ray examination.


The example of the written is here.(PDF)



  • Asbestos was used in various places such as wallpaper and ceiling.
  • Regulation of asbestos in Japan is severe. Currently production is banned.
  • There is a fear that asbestos may splash when the building is dismantled.


When I heard asbestos, I felt it was not related to them. However, I first learned the dangers of asbestos being scattered due to causing illness and collapse of the building.
When the building using asbestos collapsed, I thought that the supervisor of the building would lead to the prevention of the spread of the damage by the guidance of the national government and municipalities as to what kind of things should be done by the administrator of the building .

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