Future of Japan

So far, I've been watching Japanese environmental problems. So, what kind of efforts do you think about Japan's "environmental problems"? .

Japan's environmental policy

The fourth environmental plan was cabinet decision in 2012.
The Fourth Environmental Plan contains the integration of "Recycling society", "Low-carbon society" and "Nature symbiotic society" under the premise of "Society where safety is secure" I will. As shown in the figure, it becomes as follows.

  • 出典:環境省ホームページ「第四次環境基本計画 」(http://www.env.go.jp/policy/kihon_keikaku/plan/plan_4/attach/pamph_ja-1.pdf)より「持続可能な社会」の図をもとに製作しました。なお、英訳は当サイト側が行ったものです。
    Source: Ministry of the Environment website "From the Fourth Environmental Basic Plan" (http://www.env.go.jp/policy/kihon_keikaku/plan/plan_4/attach/pamph_ja-1.pdf) From "The Sustainable Society" I made it based on the figure. In addition, English translation was done by this site.

    Recycling society

    A recycling society means reducing the amount of natural resources used, and using things repeatedly. It can be said to be the basic concept of "3R".
    In 2000, the Basic Law for Promotion of Recycling-based Society was promulgated. Under this law, the future directions of measures and countermeasures of the Ministry of the Environment are determined.

  • Low-carbon society

    A low-carbon society is a society that suppresses the emission of carbon dioxide in order to brake global warming.
    Popularization of low pollution vehicles and introduction of renewable energy are required.
    In Japan, we aim to reduce 60 ~ 80% from the present situation by 2050.

    ※首相官邸「低炭素社会づくり行動計画 概要」(http://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/singi/ondanka/kaisai/080729/gaiyou.pdf)より。なお、この目標は前政権(2009年9月16日まで)のものです。
    From the Prime Minister's official residence "Outline of Low Carbon Society Action Plan" (http://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/ singi /ondanka/kaisai/080729/gaiyou.pdf). This goal is the previous administration (until September 16, 2009).

  • Natural symbiosis society

    Nature symbiotic society, as its name, refers to a society that can coexist with nature for many years and receive nature's blessings.

Corporate Initiatives

In order to preserve the environment, it is important not only that the government works, but also work as a company.
For example, at a company that manufactures household electric appliances, we are addressing environmental problems in various ways, such as by reducing the weight of the box, reducing the environmental burden, recovering ink cartridges and reusing them. In addition, companies are also working to purchase environmentally-friendly items called "green purchasing". We have also been increasingly publishing "environmental reports" for such functions.


The example of the written is here.(PDF)



  • It is important to achieve "Recycling society", "low-carbon society" and "Nature symbiotic society".
  • Companies also contribute to environmental problems improvement through various things.


I have thought that environmental policy is unrelated to us. However, since we are also involved, we decided to bother with environmental policy. Knowing Japanese environmental policies will lead to knowing the present and the future of Japan and the world.