Let's Think

What is an environmental problem?

In the first place, what is the definition of environmental problems? Is it only global warming, garbage problem, pollution? Let's think about "definition" of environmental problem.


We have examined various things about environmental problems, but it was very ambiguous where from where to go into environmental problems. But we thought that not only global warming but also things like tobacco littering would be one of the important environmental problems. Littering of cigarettes can have negative effects on living things, and it can be thought that the environment deteriorates. In addition, even using electricity has an adverse effect on the environment indirectly. Currently, the major power generation method in Japan is "thermal power generation", but it will emit a large amount of carbon dioxide to burn coal and oil. In other words, if we use smartphones, personal computers, televisions, refrigerators etc., we can think that we indirectly emit carbon dioxide, which leads to environmental degradation. In other words, something that does not directly lead to environmental destruction, such as littering of tobacco or excessive use of electricity, may be an environmental problems.

Why has environmental problems worsened?

"Environmental problems" have become worse in recent years. For what reason, what kind of things caused it to get worse?


I wonder if there is a low awareness of our environmental problems. For example, leaving to eat can lead to an increase in garbage. In addition, things that can be recycled are thrown away as combustible or nonflammable garbage. It seems that environmental problems worsened by these accumulations.

How to improve environmental problems?

In order to improve environmental problems, the world, the country, what kind of things can we do and what kind of things should we do?


Since it is important for many people to know that the current situation of environmental problems is grasping and becoming serious and that they have their own opinions with environmental concerns, interests, opinions, opinions Is not it? In addition, I think that we can ask others to ask their opinions.