"Environmental problems" that the site producer thinks

So far, I have seen a number of environmental problems.
I think there is something in common about environmental problems.
That means there are many "room for improvement" and "what we can do".
For example, would not "3R" contribute to countermeasures against global warming, and even environmental pollution problems from countermeasures for waste problems?
Every time we do something, it is not likely that each person will eventually lead to improvements by thinking about environmental problems, which will change the present of the earth.

Wish of site creator

Thank you for seeing. We have dealt with a number of environmental problems, but are not everyone thinking that we must "improve" environmental problems?
However, I think that it will be difficult one step when thinking "to improve environmental problems ...?" I hope that it is a site that "assist" such difficult things. Please think about "to improve environmental problems ...?" By all means. And please tell your thoughts to people, friends, teachers, etc of the family. Hearing another idea or opinion, the view may expand.

Thank you very much for seeing it to the end.



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