Global warming

Global warming. First of all, there are many people thinking about this as environmental problems.
As a result of the heat island phenomenon, traffic pollution, etc., global warming progresses.

Cause of global warming

The cause of global warming is that carbon dioxide can not be converted into oxygen by the power of nature, as the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane has increased, leading to an increase in temperature.

How does global warming take place?

The left is the Earth about 200 years ago.The carbon dioxide concentration in the early days of the Industrial Revolution was about 280 ppm.
The right is the present earth. I absorbed a lot of heat. The carbon dioxide concentration has reached about 400 ppm.

出典:温室効果ガスと地球温暖化メカニズム 全国地球温暖化防止活動推進センターウェブサイト(より。なお、英訳は当サイト側が行ったものです。
Source: Greenhouse gas and global warming mechanism From the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions website ( English translation was done by this site.

Light from the sun reflects on the earth, but as the atmosphere over the earth increases, the reflected light will not escape into space and will absorb light. Therefore, the temperature rises.

From now on of global warming

As also shown in the graph below, the temperature has risen considerably so far.

Annual mean temperature deviation of the world

出典:気象庁ホームページ( 「世界の年平均気温偏差」(気象庁ホームページより)。なお、英訳は当サイト側が行ったものです。
Source: Japan Meteorological Agency website ( "Annual mean temperature deviation of the world" (From the Japan Meteorological Agency website). English translation was done by this site.

The rise in temperature is serious. From 1950 to 2100, the forecast result shows that the temperature will rise by about 4.8 ℃ .


What will the temperature of the earth be like now?

The red part of the figure above is the expected worst case scenario and the blue part is a scenario based on the goal of keeping the future temperature rise below 2 ℃.

Source: IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
From the Japan Center for Climate Change Actions website (
English translation was done by this site.

Furthermore, the sea level rise becomes serious, and the islands may submerge.
It is also possible that abnormal weather such as guerilla heavy rain will increase.

Measures against global warming

Each country in the world has set out the provisions such as the "Kyoto Protocol". But stopping global warming is not so easy. So, it is also important for us to work together on global warming countermeasures. Reduce the number of leftover to eat · Save electricity ..., if people go to the world of such sustainable things, turning point for global warming may come.


The example of the written is here.(PDF)



  • Temperature rise occurred due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sea level rise and abnormal weather occur.
  • What can be done to stop global warming.


When we say environmental problems, the image of global warming was strong. In fact, it is clear that global warming is serious, and it seems better to see that it will become more serious in the future as we look at the numerical values. I thought that it is necessary for developed countries to lead and that the whole world needs to embark on global warming countermeasures.

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