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On this page, you can see "The opportunity that made a site" and "Orientation".

The opportunity that made a site

Now, words to hear frequently
It was an environmental problem that emerged when I thought so. Even with environmental problems, there are various problems, I can not do anything about it, I have thought that it is not much related. I thought that we would like to create a site that seems to be "involved with" "everyone"! I will be happy to remain in your heart and think about it.


Members Introduction

  • S.T(Leader):Make a site/Making videos
  • S.K:Writing/Information gathering
  • H.M:Writing/Image editing


Here, we will introduce "how to proceed" and "corner" of this site.
Click the play button to play the movie. There is no sound.

If the video can not be played / displayed, you can see the PDF version orientation here.


About the red letters in the page

A red letter appears on each page. Clicking on this red letter will link to the explanation (Dictionary) of that term. If you do not understand the term, please click it.


How to utilize worksheets

In the page on learning about environmental problems, we prepare a worksheet for each environmental problem. Please use the worksheet freely.

★ Producer's recommendation how to use ★
(1) Print
(2) While watching the page, look at the first item on the worksheet and check the square box to learn. Also, I will write what I have noticed, what I thought, questions etc. in the "free writing field".
(3) Finally solve the problem. Where I did not understand, look at the WEB page again and fill it up.

The example of the written is here.(PDF)


Contact Us

Opinions, requests, questions, etc. on this site will be accepted at the following e-mail address.
Depending on the content, you may get time or reply may be difficult. Please note. Question contents may be posted on this website, but we do not mention e-mail address or personal information at all.

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Let's learn about "environmental problems"!
Firstly from 'Environmental problems in Japan' ...