The word "urbanization", maybe I have heard it once. Household appliances and automobiles have become widespread, buildings are built, and various problems have come to occur. Let's look at such "urbanization".

Environment change

Changes in the environment have occurred due to urbanization, such as buildings being built a lot and roads being paved by asphalt.
One such example is "building-induced wind " or "heat island phenomenon".

  • Building-induced wind

    As the name suggests, the building-induced wind refers to the wind that occurs around buildings by high-rise buildings. In some cases, the building-induced wind is powerful and may cause harm to pedestrians and surrounding buildings.

  • Heat island phenomenon

    The "heat island phenomenon" is a phenomenon in which the temperature rises only in the center of the city. The main reasons are the influence of asphalt and concrete, and the change of way of the way of the wind by the building wind as mentioned above.

    出典:気象庁ホームページ「過去の気象データ検索」(http://www.data.jma.go.jp/obd/stats/etrn/index.php?prec_no=44&block_no=47662)の「東京 年ごとの値 主な要素」より表を加工し、利用しました。なお、英訳は当サイト側が行ったものです。
    Source: "Japan Meteorological Agency website" Search for past weather data "(http://www.data.jma.go.jp/obd/stats/etrn/index.php?prec_no=44?&block_no=47662)" Tokyo every year Value main elements "from the table and processed it. English translation was done by this site.

    ※1℃=33.8[F], 13.4℃≒56.1[F], 17.1℃≒62.8[F]

    The temperature in Tokyo has risen by 3.7 ℃ over 100 years.

  • Traffic problem

    The problem of urbanization by automobiles can be mentioned as a traffic accident, but here we will cite environmental problems. Depending on the car, problems such as exhaust gas, noise, vibration will come up. These are called "traffic pollution".
    Emissions have increased considerably for a period of time, but due to laws regulating automobile exhaust emissions and the spread of low-emission vehicle, we are currently considerably reduced.


The example of the written is here.(PDF)



  • In recent years, the rise in temperature is conspicuous due to urbanization.
  • Traffic pollution due to automobile exhaust gas is also serious.


I was surprised at Otemachi's heat island phenomenon countermeasure. To that it is thought so far.
However, the heat island phenomenon is still serious and it does not improve significantly owing to the measures taken by Otemachi.
Although it is often thought that there is nothing we can do for urbanization problems, it can be said that contributing to improvements, such as "using public transportation ahead of private cars," "buying foods for local consumption and local consumption" Is not it possible to do?