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Treasury subsidy system
Money to be distributed to local governments in order to support measures and finances when the government is necessary for public interest. In addition, in Japan the country has specified its use.
Relief system
Health hazard such as vaccination is rare, if there is a health damage, promptly relieve when a causal relationship with health damage is certified. Besides the relief system for health damage caused by asbestos and vaccination, there are various kinds such as relief system for drug side effects.

Garbage problem

Living garbage
The garbage that occurs in human life. Household garbage may be more familiar to you. Food waste discharged from home applies.
Business garbage
The garbage that is emitted in the project (company). Emissions are less than household garbage, but they are still considered problematic. Metal scraps and plastic discharged from companies and others apply.
Recycling rate
The percentage that is actually recycled. By the way, the country with the highest recycling rate in the world is Iceland (2005).

Four major pollution diseases

Industrial wastewater
Sewage containing pollutants discharged from the factory.
Methyl mercury
Mercury is methylated compound. It was the cause of Minamata disease.
Sulfurous acid gas
It is a gas that has a pungent odor that is contained in automobile exhaust gas, factory smoke, etc.
Materials that caused Itai-itai disease. Carcinogenic and harmful ones.
Basic Environment Law
Act established in 1993 for environmental conservation in Japan.
Environmental standards
A goal is set as to how much the standard is kept in existing pollution.
Emission control
A regulation stipulating the amount of harmful gas emitted from automobiles and others.


Low-emission vehicle
A car with less harmful gas emissions and less load on the atmosphere. Hybrid cars and electric cars can be mentioned. In recent years, "Fuel Cell Vehicle" applying fuel cell has attracted attention as well.

Future of Japan

Cabinet decision
Decision making as a cabinet. The Cabinet conducts administrative administration based on the Cabinet decision.
Renewable energy
Unlike limited resources such as petroleum and coal, it refers to energy that can be regenerated even if water power, wind power, sunlight, etc. are depleted.

Global warming

Greenhouse gases
There are various kinds such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and so on, which affect natural ecosystems, it is said that the foundation for the survival of mankind will fall into a dangerous situation, What is.
Sea level rise
It is caused by global warming, oceanic thermal expansion, glacier change, Greenland ice sheet change, Antarctic ice sheet change and land reservoir changes, greatly affecting the island countries such as Tuvalu What is.
Abnormal weather
Generally it is a phenomenon that occurred largely out of the usual phenomenon that occurred up to the present. Heavy rain, wind storms, droughts, etc. are one of them, and in principle the JMA has a phenomenon occurring at some point in less than once in 30 years.

Ozone layer depletion

It is located about 10 to 50 km above the Earth's ground, about 90% of the atmospheric ozone is present in this stratosphere, and it serves to prevent ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.
One of invisible rays. In general, it is also called "UV", UV-cut glasses and others are on sale. It is considered to have an adverse effect on eyes and skin, causing skin cancer.
Law Concerning the Control of Freon Emissions
Law of Japan that came into effect on April 1, 2015. Before that it was called the Freon Collection and Destruction Act. For air conditioners for work using CFCs, inspection and recording etc are required.
Developed countries
A state that achieves advanced industrialization, has a high level of technology, etc. and has a remarkable development. However, due to the abuse of Freon by developed countries, the ozone layer which is present in the stratosphere is being destroyed, and it is a challenge to rebuild UV countermeasure newly.
Emerging countries
Those that are rapidly developing in the international society such as politics and military affairs.
  Because it is developing rapidly among emerging countries, while it is difficult to regulate energy such as electric power, we are taking efforts to take measures for each country by the measures to destroy the ozone layer, and to prepare ordinances as well.


Economic development
The famous development that occurred in Japan was the high economic growth of the 1960s, and this development caused air pollution such as chemical substances. Furthermore, Itai-Itai disease, Minamata disease, second Minamata disease, Yokkaichi asthma of four major pollution diseases also occurred frequently at this time.

Energy problem

Asia Oceania
Countries close to or facing the Pacific Ocean, west of Asia. In recent Asia and Oceania countries, leaders from various countries have gathered and discussed at various places on energy problem.
Shale oil
It is a sedimentary rock which existed deeper than the place where resources such as coal originally are produced and the dead bodies of zooplankton were deposited on the seabed and fostered in the long years. In addition, this shale oil is drawing attention as a fourth energy.
Over supply
It says to make more energy than the amount of energy required. Supply increases to demand.
Key industries
Industry that is important for a country to do its economic activities. Content varies depending on the degree of economic development. Iron and steel industry and chemical industry etc. apply as the core industry in Japan.

Future of world

Contracting party
It refers to a country that is approved by the National Assembly for a treaty.
signatory countries
It refers to a country that agrees to a treaty. But, it is not legally binding.
International treaty
Conventions and arrangements exchanged between the country and the country. Japan has many international conventions, including the Kyoto Protocol and the Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Climate change
The occurrence of abnormal weather, global warming, heat island phenomenon and so on. The occurrence of such various types of climate change will lead to a major destruction of the environment such as the sea level of the world rising and the temperature rising.

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